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Some of Mimi's Sculptures

  • "Dance Of Joy"
    Bronze, Sculpture
  • "In His Hands"
    Bronze, Sculpture
  • "Spiraling"
    Bronze, Sculpture
  • "Rebirth"
    Bronze, Sculpture
  • "Ascension"
    Bronze, Sculpture
  • "Family Celebration"
    Bronze, Sculpture
  • "Liberation"
    Bronze, Sculpture
  • "Celtic Dance"
    Bronze, Sculpture
  • "Woman of Peace"
    Bronze, Sculpture
  • "Dancing Trio"
    Bronze, Sculpture
  • "Mimi's most wonderful sculpture expresses so clearly the eternal love of God. The open hand - the tiny globe - the dancing children, depicts the Father's care and the Father's heart."

    ~ The Archbishop of Canterbury
  • "Mimi is the best art teacher of them all. She really gives you simple and useable ideas for technique, her enthusiasm is infectious and she generously shares her knowledge and experience!"

    ~ Izzy Goff
  • "Mimi’s enthusiam, energy and her extraordinary talent gave me the confidence to create. I am thoroughly enjoying painting thanks to her."

    ~ Sue Hazard
  • "Anne Mimi Sammis' sculpture embraces a form of peace, the inherent goodness and readiness of love and acceptance in humankind. Mimi's art makes us all wish for a continuation of the UN's mission fo peace in every nook and cranny of this world."

    ~ Agnes Gund
    President, The Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • "The creative energy that Mimi Sammis finds in the process of bronze casting is reflected in her exuberant yet graceful figurative sculptures. Whether they are dancing with abandon or reaching for the heavens, Sammis's human forms express a freedom of movement that becomes a metaphor for the artist's spiritual convictions."

    ~ Nancy Whipple Grinnell
    Curator, Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI
  • "Mimi Sammis’s work celebrates the miracle of life and the great age-old concepts of love, peace, forgiveness, hope and vision which helps humanity on its mysterious journey in the universe."

    ~ Dr. Robert Muller
    Chancellor of the United Nations’ University of Peace
  • "I sponsor Mimi’s show because I believe that visual art, like music, is an international and global language. Mimi’s method of painting brings enjoyment into our living rooms and an understanding and respect of different cultures. This is where peace begins."

    ~ Demaris Ford
  • "Through the wonders of public television, Mimi Sammis brings transformative art lessons to millions of people, filling a much needed educational gap."

    ~ Judy Evnin
  • "Mimi’s TV shows fill a great need and gets people in touch with their creativity. With art being cut, the need is greater than ever for our children and people of all ages to be creative for it brings health, peace, joy and a greatly enriched life."

    ~ Eleanor and John Sullivan
  • "My husband, daughter and I love watching Mimi’s show; it invites our creativity to bloom."

    ~ Tracy Hart
  • "I am 6 years old. I love to watch Mimi paint, and I paint along with her."

    ~ Lily Beauchamp
  • "Thinly painted clouds, sky and yellow-green fields; her canvases maintain an austerity and mood of gently realization of nature’s tough, intense beauty."

    ~ Art World
  • "Love to Paint with Mimi was proudly produced by 3rd Story Productions, an Emmy nominated Production Company specializing in PBS series and documentaries. As the producer/director of the series, I have experienced a long but incredibly fulfilling journey. To know Mimi is to love her, and her passion for creativity is utterly infectious. After each studio taping, Mimi had the entire crew convinced that they too, could - and should - go home to paint, which is precisely the goal of the show. While our results might not have matched the beauty of Mimi's, she really impressed upon us how important it is to just paint for the absolute fun of it. I have since incorporated art back into my life and I realize that Mimi is right about how enriching it is. I hope that you, too, will follow suit!"

    ~ Maria Saracen
  • "Your sculpture is a wonderful portrayal of peace through human unity. Amazing work!"

    ~ Dennis J. Kucinich
    Member of Congress, Ohio
  • "Through the eyes and heart of this wonderful soul, we should all renew our commitment to seek peace in this world. Anne Mimi Sammis is an incredible artist because she is able to project the union between the material and non-material."

    ~ Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, World Bank
  • "My husband, daughter and I love watching Mimi. I love the way she addresses mistakes, casually wiping away a drip or integrating a mistake with finesse and humor. The show invites our own creativity to bloom."

    ~ Tracy Hart
  • "Mimi is an inspirational teacher who unlocked the creativity that is within us all."

    ~ A. Richardson
  • "It is my hope that my sculpture touches, inspires, and validates the peace that is within each of us."

    ~ Anne Mimi Sammis
  • "My art comes through me when I hold the wax in my hands. The joy, the dance of love between ourselves and others that I feel, comes out in my work."

    ~ Anne Mimi Sammis
  • "These pieces are about love of self, love of others, love of God. Any interaction of love between human beings touches me, and I am moved to create."

    ~ Anne Mimi Sammis
  • "I feel strongly that love is the healer of everything. When people come into contact with art, if love and joy are represented, the response and interaction with it can raise the consciousness of the world."

    ~ Anne Mimi Sammis